Project duration: 2018 (ongoing)

Target communities: Non-governmental organizations dealing with mining issues in Armenia, local initiatives and communities in areas affected or threatened by mining, journalists; representatives of state institutions, representatives of mining companies

Project objective:  Increase involvement of local communities and non-governmental organizations in decision-making process on mining in Armenia.

The project is designed to enhance capacity of civil society to participate in decision-making processes in the topic of mining and improve local community instruments against mining impacts. Project is implemented jointly with “EcoLur” Informational NGO and Arnika NGO, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

Project Outcomes: The capacity of target communities was strengthened through the workshop for Non-Governmental Organizations and Local Communities about International Instruments for regulation of toxic emissions from mining. Three meetings with representatives from responsible authorities for making dialogue between stakeholders were organized. A briefing event and a community trip to hotspots were conducted for local journalists. The workshop for introducing relevant information about mining and toxic pollution in selected areas was organized with the aim to raise public awareness. The results of analysis of water, soil, sediment, hair, and egg samples will be provided to interested stakeholders for discussing and publishing. Information materials will be published and disseminated.

Project activities implemented within the framework of the project:


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