2014-2015 -Mercury Country Situation Report by Armenian Civil Society Sector


The project is supported by IPEN in the frame of the International Mercury Enabling Activities Program (IMEAP).

Project time-frame:  November 2014 – April 2015 (6 months)

Project Objectives: (1) develop country situation regarding mercury (its use, relevant laws, environmental and health hazards, etc.), and share the findings with stakeholders and general public; (2) following stakeholder consultations develop recommendations on reducing the impact of mercury on human health and the environment.

Project Outcomes: AWHHE prepared the Country Situation Report, including the study of the consumer markets; the most common ways of mercury exposure; the situation with mercury waste; industrial sources of mercury in non-ferrous metal production; possible contaminated sites and populations at risk; existing legislation; and opportunities for ratification of the treaty. A Mercury Working Group was established by AWHHE as part of the ECO Coalition of Armenian NGOs.  An appeal was sent to the Ministry of Nature Protection calling to accelerate the process of the ratification of the Minamata Convention and ratification of the Protocol on Heavy Metals. In the course of the project implementation, consultations with the Regional IPEN Hub (Eco-Accord) and other NGOs in the region were organized. The results were presented at a round table and disseminated in the mass media to raise the public awareness on mercury environmental and health effects.

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For more info: http://www.ipen.org/documents/imeap-report-mercury-country-situation-report-armenian-civil-society-sector and http://ipen.org/project-reports/mercury-country-situation-report-armenian-civil-society-sector