AWHHE collaborates with the Ministry of Nature Protection of the Republic of Armenia, Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Emergency Situation.

AWHHE collaborates with Armenian Centre of Hygienic and Epidemiological Surveillance and Yerevan Scientific Research Institute of Toxicology; MOH (Ministry of Health) RA.


AWHHE’s partners: 

wecf WECF
Women of Europe for a Common Future
the Netherlands
wfwp WfWP
Women for Water Partnership (WfWP)


International Pollutants Elimination Network
USA, Europe
arnik Arnika Association
hcwh HCWH
Health Care Without Harm
USA, Europe
een HEAL
Health and Environment Alliance
gaia GAIA
Global Anti Incineration Alliance
USA, Europe
epha EPHA
European Public Health Alliance
usaid_logoh USAID green_grants GGF
Global Greengrants Fund
adb_logo NGO Forum on ADB –
ecoglobe Ecoglobe
gef GEF
Global Environmental


sgp The GEF
Small Grants Programme
eeb EEB –
European Environmental Bureau
rhone-alpes Rhone-Alpes Region of France undp
United Nations Development Program
oscel Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe japan Embassy of Japan
unece2 United Nations
Economic Commission for Europe
visegrad Visegrad Fund
ge Embassy of Germany
in Yerevan
We would appreciate any support for extending our activities!
Healthy Environment for Our Children – Healthy Generation for Armenia