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2014 – Ditak village Community for Preventing Loss of Safe Drinking Water

2014 – Ditak village Community for Preventing Loss of Safe Drinking Water


The project is designed to address the lack of access to safe drinking water in the village of Ditak (Ararat region). 
Drinking water supply system in Ditak was constructed in 1969, currently the network is demolished and water loss reaches 80%. Though the village is located at 16 km from the capital, it is geographically isolated. The territory of the village is 217 ha. The homesteads of some households (about 15 ha) are bogged as during the irrigation season water of the canal pours into those plots. Another 15-20 ha are salty plots. In summer with increasing water consumption, the pipe pressure reduces allowing polluted groundwater to penetrate into the system which adversely affects water quality. 
The overall goal is to improve access to safe drinking water for the 230 families (households) of Ditak village through rehabilitation of drinking water supply system and community involvement in the management of drinking water system. 
A solution to this problem is (a) the rehabilitation of the old water system with increased access to safe drinking water, (b) stakeholder involvement in the development and implementation of the Water Safety Plan, and (c) increased community awareness of health risks associated with unsafe drinking water.

The project duration is one year.

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