2019-2020-Tackling Water Management Challenges in Rural Armenia

2019-2020-Tackling Water Management Challenges in Rural Armenia

Armenia, with vulnerable natural and agro-ecosystems in a predominantly mountainous landform with arid climate conditions, and a history of droughts and uneven distribution of water resources, is among the sensitive countries in the Europe and Central Asian Region to global environmental changes. Small farmers, and especially poor women farmers, are disproportionately bearing the consequences of climate change impacts due to poor or no infrastructure and assets, among other reasons.

The project has used community-based approach to achieve desired impact as noted below:

As a result of improved self-governance for water management, the 15 target communities will acquire the professional capacity to exercise the powers granted to them by the legislation by own strength which will certainly have a positive impact on the quality of services and provision of access to drinking water.

Increased incomes and assets generated by small-scale producers in the pilot Solak community, primarily women-headed households will contribute to poverty reduction improving quality of life of target population. The introduction of innovative solar water pumping for irrigation of crops will strengthen community resilience to climate challenges. The social entrepreneurship model, use of renewable energy for crop irrigation and experience sharing (public outreach) will ensure replicability of the effort.

Increased public awareness in relation to the access to water,  sanitation, and hygiene among vulnerable groups (children and women) will contribute to better health from improved water supplies and related practices.


Training on innovative agriculture technologies for growing local lentils for the active women farmers of Solak community

Distribution of lentil seeds to women

Pump station renovation in Solak village, Kotayk marz

 Before After

Pump station from the outside

Pump station from the outside (solar panels installed, roof and outside of the station painted and renovated)
Pump station from the inside

WASH information for children



Irrigation pipeline replacement in the village of Arevik of Shirak Province