April – June 2022 – “The Situation with Chlorpyrifos in Armenia”

Objective: Information about the import and utilization of chlorpyrifos in Armenia

  • The main crops that use chlorpyrifos for pest management
  • The annual import of chlorpyrifos in the country for 2021
  • Human health and environmental impacts caused by chlorpyrifos in the country; from scientific literature, health reports or studies conducted in the country
  • Government initiatives to minimize the use of chlorpyrifos, replacing with other alternatives or ban chlorpyrifos
  • Policy framework that is in place or intended to be in place with regards to chlorpyrifos
  • Reports and fact sheets in Armenian language and communicate to government officials, the media and the public


Information materials:

 Ban the Presence of Chlorpyrifos in Our Diet (in Armenian)

 Chlorpyrifos – a Toxic Chemical that Destroys Child’s Brain (in Armenian)

Chlorpyrifos (in Armenian)