2017-2019 – For Non-toxic Environment, from Local to Global

Project objective: Increase local awareness and capacity for addressing chemicals management through community-based approaches that add value to local, national and global level strategies in order to reduce releases of harmful chemicals

The project is designed to contribute to the implementation of the ongoing GEF-UNDP project “Elimination of Obsolete Pesticide Stockpiles and Addressing POPs (Persistent Organic Pollutants) and Contaminated Sites within a Sound Chemicals Management Framework in Armenia”.

Project duration: 2017 – 2019

Project activities implemented within the framework of the project:

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Capacity building training “Management of storages of hazardous/harmful chemicals and their monitoring”

Information materials produced within the framework of the project:

  1. Solution of the Problem of Obsolete Pesticides as a National Priority
  2. Safeguarding of Obsolete Pesticides
  3. Storage of Obsolete Pesticides
  4. Beware of pesticides!
  5. Safety Provisions for Hazardous Chemical Waste
  6. Requirements for Repackaging of Obsolete Pesticides