(Press Release)

Yerevan, 8 October 2019. The “Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment” NGO (AWHHE) launched “Encouraging young specialists to power the agri-food value chains and building sustainable business models” project jointly with the University of Chile, Energy Center (CE-FCFM). It is funded through the Sustainable Lifestyles and Education (SLE) programme of the One Planet Network. The SLE programme is co-led by the Ministry of Environment of Japan and the Government of Sweden, represented by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) respectively. The project was selected through an open call for proposals for Sustainable Lifestyles and Education Programme with the financial support of the Government of Japan.

The project will contribute to the SLE programme by developing and replicating sustainable lifestyles in the academic and economic areas. In the academic area, the project will develop the Sustainable Rural Internship/Academic Program in cooperation with the Institute of Energy and Electrical Engineering of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia. The micropilot to be conducted in Solak community under this project will develop Sustainable Business Models for agri-food value chains. “The university students will work jointly with the Solak community to seek and introduce various clean energy solutions along the agri-food chains that are most popular among the Solak farmers,” said Dr. Elena Manvelyan, President of the Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGO.

“The project will develop sustainable solutions for communities and young entrepreneurs, through the use of renewable and clean resources in small scale, adding value to the local agri-food production” said Dr. Marcelo Matus, Senior Researcher of the Energy Center in the University of Chile, and added: “The partnership between the university and the community will allow empowering young professionals and local agri-food producers to adopt sustainable lifestyles.”

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Elena Manvelyan, President of the Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment NGO, office@awhhe.am