2017-2018 -Provision of services for Detailed Design, Technical Definition of Works and Supporting Assessments/Studies required for the Removal of POPs Pesticides and Recovery of Associated Contaminated Soil along with Site Cleanup, Stabilization, Containment, and Monitoring applied to the Nubarashen POPs Burial Site (Yerevan, Armenia)

Project Duration: 2017-2018

The Project is part of UNDP-GEF Full-size Project “Elimination of obsolete pesticide stockpiles and addressing POPs contaminated sites within a Sound Chemicals Management Framework in Armenia” which objective is to (1) protect health and the environment by eliminating obsolete pesticide stockpiles, (2) address contaminated sites through a sound chemical management framework, (3) enhance country’s capacity in the sound management of hazardous chemicals, particularly obsolete pesticides.

Project objective

The overall objective is provision of Consulting and project coordination in Armenia. Specifically give consultation regarding the personal safety at site, logistics support, interpretation, field trips and site visits.   

Project overall outcomes:

(1) Removal of priority POPs pesticide waste from Nubarashen burial site, secure containment of residual contamination on-site, site stabilization and restoration, with the site secured under appropriate institutional arrangements providing effective access limitations, monitoring and future land use control, all endorsed by an informed public, (2) development of the national hazardous chemical waste management site equipped with secure storage and basic infrastructure, (3) development of institutional and regulatory capacity for sound chemicals management.

Project activities implemented within the framework of the project: