The First Public Hearing on Environmental Impact Assessment of the Project ”The Nubarashen obsolete pesticide burial site excavation, safe transportation of waste, area cleanup and stabilization” was held

On November 9, 2007, the first public hearing on Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of the project entitled  ”The Nubarashen obsolete pesticide burial site excavation, safe transportation of waste, area cleanup and stabilization” was held at the Conference Hall of Erebuni administrative district (according to the RA Law N HO-110-N on “Environmental Impact Assessment and Expertise” dated of 21 June 2014, as well as the Resolution N 1325-N of the Government of the Republic of Armenia dated November 19, 2014). The purpose of the discussion was to introduce the project designed for the solution of the problem of the Nubarashen pesticide burial site to the affected community residents, responsible divisions of the district administration, particularly, the environmental, architectural and communal divisions, as well as to the public sector.

Lilik Simonyan, a representative of the project initiator NGO ”Armenian Women for Health and Healthy Environment”, noted during the discussion that that initiative was also welcomed by the residents of neighboring communities with whom they conduct regular meetings, discussions and provide information on the progress of the project.

Vardan Tserunyan, the Program Technical Manager, presented the technical details and the planned steps to be implemented to ensure the temporary support infrastructure in the area of the burial site, excavation of waste / transportation and many other details.

On behalf of the administration of Erebuni administrative district, Deputy Head Edgar Mkrtchyan expressed their readiness to assist and support the solution of this problem which is very important both for Yerevan and the whole country.

Artak Ter-Torosyan, representative of “ATMS Solutions” Company, which is in charge of implementing the project’s environmental impact assessment, presented the environmental and social benefits expected from the project implementation, possible environmental impacts, their reduction and mitigation mechanisms, as well as he answered all the questions raised by the affected community residents.

In order to ensure continuous awareness of the affected community’s population and get them informed about ongoing details of the project, the general department of the municipality has posted information leaflets for residents of the affected communities. Besides that, informative visits to Mushakan community of Erebuni administrative district of Yerevan, as well as the neighboring Voghjaberd and Geghadir communities will be continued.