AWHHE joined The International lead poisoning prevention week of action in 2016 contributing to IPEN global survey of brands of household paints on sale. (Report on LEAD IN SOLVENT-BASED PAINTS FOR HOME USE IN THE REPUBLIC OF ARMENIA)

In 2017, AWHHE made a presentation at the national «Green rights, violations, defense» workshop.

In 2018, AWHHE launched awareness raising campaign on Lead in Paints in Yerevan’s schools and policlinics 

In 2019, AWHHE extended the awareness raising campaign on Lead in Paints to Ararat and Armavir provinces. AWHHE experts are frequently invited to give interviews and participate in various events.

In 2020, an information campaign was carried out for the inhabitants of 16 communities in 6 provinces of Shirak, Gegharkunik, Aragatsotn, Kotayk, Ararat and Armavir. Campaign materials were posted on the websites/ Facebook pages of the secondary schools of the communities.

Shirak Gegharkunik Aragatsotn Kotayk Ararat Armavir
Dzithankov, Shirakavan, Isahakyan, Jrarat, Gusanagyugh, Jrapi Artanish, Ttudjur Lusagyugh, Vardenut Goght Baghramyan, Dalar, Taperakan Aknashen, Margara

Given the situation with the COVID-19, AWHHE used its remote communication strategy. Campaign materials including a special article were prepared and disseminated via posting on the Facebook pages of the participating schools and AWHHE website and Facebook page. The Facebook platform allowed for feedback via comments, questions and answers, this approach also helped disseminate the campaign messages via personal Facebook pages of parents, teachers and children.