WECF Press Release, February, 2006

WECF organises seminar in Armenia

Seminar on Organic Farming, Wastewater Treatment and Annual TMF project meeting in Yerevan, Armenia

28.11.2005 – Gero Fedtke

From 26-29 January 2006, WECF and project partners will conduct a high-level two-day seminar on organic farming and wastewater treatment, combined with the 2nd annual evaluation and planning meeting of its four-year TMF project, in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan.

Conference Decentralized Waste Water
27 January 2006
Conference Organic Agriculture Development
Perspectives and Opportunities in Armenia
26 January 2006

For more information contact Gero Fedtke.On 26-27 January, WECF and the project partner invite representatives from the three project villages in Armenia, from village and district administrations, and from research institutes, as well as officials from the Armenian water supply sector and the ministries for Nature Protection and Agriculture to a two-day seminar on wastewater treatment and organic farming. In most EECCA countries, like Armenia, wastewater treatment is almost absent in rural areas. The same is true for the prevention of groundwater contamination through agrochemicals. The two-day seminar will present the methods used by the TMF project activities and findings of the first project year to the audience with the aim to stimulate discussion and cooperation between stakeholders, how low-cost decentralized wastewater treatment can be realized and organic farming practices be used on a larger scale. In the following two-day meeting, project partners will evaluate their achievements of the first project year and discuss the planned steps for the second year.

Source: http://www.egora.de/cms/articles/2005/11/seminar_ar.php