2004 – Environmental security for residents of Ararat region

unido  unep Project supported by UNIDO and UNEP 

Location: Armenia, Ararat region, Artashat district
Duration: 6 months

Project is aimed at raising awareness of local residents of Ararat region of risks associated with application of banned pesticides in agriculture and the damaged burial site of banned and obsolete pesticides.


Ararat region is an agricultural region of Armenia with intensive application of pesticides in the past and in the contemporary time. Some cases of application of DDT and other banned pesticides were registered in the region. In 1982, nearby Yerevan , more than 500 tons of banned and obsolete pesticides were buried (including 60% of persistent chlorinated organic substances). Several years later, the burial site was affected by landslides, moreover, in 3-4 recent years, landslides intensified in the site area. Our organization took soil samples at different depth and in different points nearby the pesticide burial site. Laboratory tests of these samples revealed pesticides contamination of the burial site itself and in nearby areas – samples were found to contain such substances as DDT, DDT metabolites and hexachlorocyclohexane, suggesting thus a potential damage of the pesticide burial site. according to the experts, landslide processes at the burial site intensified. it is necessary to continue both research studies and lobbying of relevant governmental agencies for making decisions on ensuring safety of the burial site.


  • Cancellation of application of banned pesticides in Ararat region
  • Public involvement into decision-making on neutralization of the burial site for obsolete pesticides and application of residents of Ararat region to the government on making urgent decisions to address the problem of the burial site
  • Establishment of the NGO initiative group to control implementation of decisions on neutralization of the pesticide burial site
  • Expansion of the network of NGOs dealing with pops problems at both local and national levels
  • Development of recommendations for incorporation of actions to ensure secure management of the burial site for banned and obsolete pesticides into the Armenian national plan of implementation of the Stockholm convention

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