Nowadays, under conditions of high rate of migration in Armenia, it is of particular importance to improve the conditions for education and development of the rising generation.

With a view to contributing to the reconstruction of the school in the village of Ditak of Ararat province, during the period of renovation of the school, the Embassy of Japan granted 110 000 USD, and the Swiss “Sourire vers I’Avenir” Foundation provided  166000 USD. This support helped renovate the roof, reinforce the school building, provide insulation, renovate the gym, construct toilets inside the school, construct a septic tank outside the school and for energy efficiency install new doors and windows. The school, which is attended by 80 students, has not been renovated since 1968, year of its foundation.

On the 25th of August 2015 a new grant contract of 88,113 USD was signed between the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Armenia and the “Armenian women for Health and Healthy Environment” NGO to complete the renovation of the school.

The Governor of Ararat province thanked the government of Japan and the Swiss Foundation for their investment in renovation of the school, thanks to which the school children will be provided with better conditions for their learning and development.