Chemicals and Waste
2011 – 2013 – Say No to Chemicals in Our Environment

2011 – 2013 – Say No to Chemicals in Our Environment


Project duration: 12/2011 – 5/2013

The project has 2 components: 

1. community development

(Rhone-Alpes Region of France- WECF/France-AWHHE Cooperation and GEFsupported activities)
the coordination part of the project was also financed by GGF

2. advocacy

Created information materials

Progress of the project

The Rural Active Women Say No to Chemicals

Winter passed, spring came. A group of women in Solak community of Hrazdan region who are the staff members of the center for sustainable agriculture support, created in Solak community in the framework of the project “Say No to Chemicals in Our Environment”, with a sinking heart have been waiting for the spring…  Read more>> 

 Report on Research Works 

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 Green house, Eng. 30.09.13_Page_5  Seminar-on-biohumus,-Eng_Page_1

 Seminar-on-biohumus,-Eng_Page_2 Seminar-on-biohumus,-Eng_Page_3

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