WECF celebrates 15 year anniversary with International Conference in The Hague

“Innovation for sustainability – the crisis as opportunity” – WECF invites you to a debate with global and local leaders in sustainability

>> 20.05.2009 | WECF Press Release

AWHHE Greetings to Marie Kranendonk, WECF first president and founder:

Dear Marie!

You opened a new planet for us offering an opportunity to make the world better. People like you are unique leading the world to progress.

May God bless you and your family with a good health and a long life!

AWHHE Staff 

GAIA Founding meeting in Johannesburg 2000 December. The small informal meeting has grown to the Alliance Against Incineration with more than 500 member in over 80 countries. 

Pregnant women can unknowingly pass on their body burden of hazardous chemicals to their developing foetus. 

At the moment Marie feels herself like Armenian woman