WECF Newsletter, November, 2005

Dear friends and members of Women in Europe (WECF)

Enclosed our November 2005 newsletter.

WECF and it’s Armenian member Armenian Women for Health and a Healthy Environment (AWHHE) organised a side-event during the ministerial conference on financing water on November 18th in Yerevan. Active participation of all major Armenian NGOs, Water Companies, their French counterparts and the World Bank, lead to concrete suggestions for improvement of the water tariff structures and need for ecological sanitation solutions in rural areas. The side-even was covered on television and in several newspapers, see xxxxx . The side-event was part of the “Tapping Resources” TMF programme funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In addition, WECF and AWHHE submitted a project proposal to the World Bank Developing Marketplace call to implement the suggested actions.

WECF Germany’s press action for a strong EU chemicals legislation on the was covered by Television (Bayrische Rundfunk), the major national newspaper (S?ddeutsche Zeitung) and the major national magazine (Der Spiegel). Despite these efforts, the European Parliament adopted a weak version of the draft EU chemicals regulation “Registration, Evaluation, Authorization of Chemicals – REACH”. Two-thirds of potential hazardous chemicals will not be covered by the new regulation if adopted as it is. Please support WECF in addressing the need for a stronger REACH with our politicians, the health of future generations is at stake, as this legislation will set the framework for the next 20 years.

WECF’s Belgium expert, ex-senator Martine Dardenne presented the need for a strong REACH at a medical conference in Mons on November 18th, her French Powerpoint can be downloaded.

WECF and its German member LIFE-Genanet organised a side-event at the Montreal Kyoto Protocol conference.

WECF’s projects in Afghanistan (new school and toilets), Bulgaria, Ukraine, Romania and Armenia have seen many new developments.

Check our website for the calendar of upcoming events, among others the preparations of the World Water Forum in Mexico (WECF and partners are organising several official sessions), the events around Chernobyl+20 (WECF is asking for contributions from citizen’s on how they were effected by the disaster), and the preparations of the Commission of Sustainable Development 14th session on Energy, chaired by Georgia.

With my best regards,

Sascha Gabizon
International Director, WECF