Women for Water Partnership Valuing water and women’s roles – Annual Report 2021

2021, again a year to remember; full of activities despite the lockdowns and postponements as a result of the COVID19 -pandemic. Of course, the main focus was on advocacy; knowledge exchange and research; to our regret a lot of local activities could not take place. Chapter two is dedicated to the core activities of WfWP as far as WfWP is supporting or directly involved, however, there are many more projects carried out by our members and some of them you will find reported below and on our website. Members enabled members and local women’s groups to implement projects in inter alia Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Mali, Ukraine, South Asia. Next to other SDGs, these projects contribute mainly to SDG’s 4, 5 and 6 (par 2.1). The Commission on the Status of Women and the virtual Stockholm World Water Week were again a highlight, but WfWP participated in many other actions and events (see annex) to advocate for a recognized, improved and visible position of women as sustainable water managers (par 2.2). In terms of knowledge development, work started on the second phase of our governance research on the impact of participation of women, the seed-funding proposals and research on the blue fund and developing a framework for mentoring; all of this made possible through a grant we received from giz, Germany. All of this work will continue well into 2022. (par 2.3) In terms of governance both the General Assembly and the Steering Committee showed decisiveness and commitment even though all discussions and decisions had to be taken via email consultation and Skype or Zoom meetings (par 3.1 and 3.3). The group of partners went through some changes (par 3.4). Many efforts were made to raise funds for WfWP and some of these applications are still pending. (par 4.4). Facebook, our YouTube channel including the website were, also in 2021, important means to communicate with the outside world (par 4.1). The update of our website started.