2008-2009 – “Sun Energy in Armenia” Small Project

Project duration: November 2008 – March 2009


Location: Armenia, Kotayk Marz, Solak Village


The kindergarten in Solak village (Kotayk Marz) consists of 2 buildings: in one building stay children and the other one is the kitchen. The main building where the children stay has central cold water supply, but the kitchen lacks it. For dish washing and hygiene purposes water is brought in buckets from the main building.
In summer for the purpose of having warm water the employees put the bowls full of water under the sun, and in winter they have to heat it on a gas stove.


To contribute to energy saving through the use of alternative energy sources (solar energy).


  1. To promote the concept of using alternative energy by installation of one solar water heater in the kindergarten kitchen of Solak village.
  2. To introduce to the community the efficiency of using solar energy through awareness raising campaign.
Healthy Environment for Our Children – Healthy Generation for Armenia