2008 – Raising awareness campaign in frame of “Biodiversity Protection and Community Development: Implementing Ecoregional Conservation Plan Targets in south Armenia”, WWF Norway / WWF Armenia


The overall goal of the project is to help ensure effective protection of biodiversity and sustainable management of natural resources in southern Armenia, providing an operational model that can contribute to development in the Caucasus region.


  1. Assist administration of Khosrov NR in development of a visitors program according to international criteria, in order to attract local and international tourists, generate additional income, and create more space for involvement of local communities.
  2. Strengthening Shikahogh NR in order to effective protect biodiversity, manage protected area in a  sustainable manner, and integrate concerns of the local population and public.
  3. Awareness raising on biodiversity issues and community development by target PAs


AWHHE is implementing raising awareness of schoolchildren in communities neighboring protected areas (in 7 villages)

1. Prepare raising awareness plan

2. Print information materials (booklets, leaflets)

3. Implement of raising awareness plan in the following villages of Southern Armenia:

  • Kotayq Marz: Garni
  • Ararat Marz: Vedi, Urcadzor
  • Vayots Dzor Marz: Yelpin, Areni
  • Syuniq Marz: Tatev, Meghri